5th Tamilnadu International Balloon festival 2019

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Tamilnadu International Balloon Festival 2019.

Tamil Nadu International Balloon festival is a global hot air balloon festival organized by the Global Media Box and other significant organizers. The objective is to set a unique variety of family amusement through hot air balloon rides intending to make Pollachi a well known spot for tourism.

Celebrating the success of the last two years and adding more fun to the events, the Tamil Nadu International Balloon Festival 2019 is going to be simply magical. Not only this time we are having more number of balloons for our hot air balloon flying events, but we also have them in different shapes as most of the international festivals around the worlds do.

The reason why this is special is, because it adds more meaning to the importance of being an international event. The number of participants and balloons from foreign countries are going to see a high raise and every single event is fuelled up with the maximum amount of thrill.

Enthiran 2.0 Balloon

TNIBF 2018 GLOW TEASER - 2.0 Balloon

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